Thursday, June 09, 2011

Bee Birthday

Hi Everyone! Long time no see ;) I've been lying under the radar for quite a while now so I thought that as I'm slowly beginning to get back into my card making, I'd post a few cards over the next couple of days to show you what I've made!

I think my crafting bug has come back as I have quite a few birthdays coming up and I always get a really guilty feeling walking into {insert high street chain here} to buy a birthday card. More often than not, that horrible feeling takes over and I return home to make my own creation! It was my Nan's birthday at the beginning of June and she loves my homemade cards (she has been on the receiving end for more years than I care to remember!) Here is one of my 2011 collection so far....

Found this cute little magnolia image hiding in one of my stamp boxes

This is a transfer...I'm getting good use out of my little distressing tool as you can see!

I was really stuck on how to create the word 'nan' so I actually stuck letters onto the card (lightly) then coloured around with black marker. After I removed the letters, this was the outcome...

Notice the little bees...and the curly wire for her antennae....

I really hope everyone is well. My life is finally starting to make sense a bit more now and I'm not unpacking boxes or starting new jobs at the moment so fingers crossed, now that I have my fab little craft room (dream come true honestly, I am so lucky - pics to follow later) I will be making much more of a concerted effort to get creative!



Glad your mojo is returning...I used to feel guilty too about buying cards but now if I don't have the time to make one I don't get stressed about it.
Love how you did the Nan!


What a gorgeous card Han, so many little details, love your distressing tool, and great idea on how you did the Nan word! Hugs xxx


Hi there Hannah...
So pleased to hear that you are well and things are good in Cambridge. Very cute card and I love those little bees in the flowers. Can't wait to see the craftroom