Monday, January 17, 2011

Cupcake Surprise!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well in blog-land. I know I've been an awful crafter and blogger of recent but it's a new year and a new start! I have promised myself that I will make more time for card making as I have just not had the time what with moving out and away for a brand new life!

Things in Cambridge are going well and we are moving into a new house in March which will have my very own craft room...lots of nice space so I can spread my stash out more. Hurrah! Anyway, it was my Mum's birthday weekend just gone and I couldn't face forking out god knows what for one made by a machine so I sat down over two nights to make this...

Was fairly pleased with it considering I haven't made any cards since August last year really! Wow...that's quite a long time :)

Before I blabber on anymore, I'll leave it there for tonight but just wanted to say hello to everyone that still popped by! Thanks for sticking around and here is to a great 2011!



Hi Han, it's nice to see you here with this gorgeous card and hear you are well. Good luck on the move to your new home. Hugs xxx


Delicious - good enough to eat!! Nice to see you back Hannah, Happy New Year to you and good luck with your move too



Hannah it's lovely...I bet your Mum loved it!!
Good to see you crafting again!


Hi there Hannah...
So pleased to see you are posting again and that all is well!
It's always worrying when people disappear off the chart for months on end...
You have made a lovely card for your mum...Say Hi to her!
I am still working at the school in Bognor..Lovin' it!
Do tell more about your new life in Cambridge...Congrats on the House News!


Now that it's officially MARCH I guess you will be packing up to move - all the very best Hannah



Hi Hannah,

It's June now and we're all wondering how you've settled in to your new home and whether you got your own craft room!

All the best