Monday, January 17, 2011

Cupcake Surprise!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well in blog-land. I know I've been an awful crafter and blogger of recent but it's a new year and a new start! I have promised myself that I will make more time for card making as I have just not had the time what with moving out and away for a brand new life!

Things in Cambridge are going well and we are moving into a new house in March which will have my very own craft room...lots of nice space so I can spread my stash out more. Hurrah! Anyway, it was my Mum's birthday weekend just gone and I couldn't face forking out god knows what for one made by a machine so I sat down over two nights to make this...

Was fairly pleased with it considering I haven't made any cards since August last year really! Wow...that's quite a long time :)

Before I blabber on anymore, I'll leave it there for tonight but just wanted to say hello to everyone that still popped by! Thanks for sticking around and here is to a great 2011!