Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hi everyone, hope you are having a great bank holiday weekend. We've only had a little bit of rain so far in Sussex - I guess it's traditional!!! Anyway, I'm sorry I have not blogged for a while but there are lots of changes going on in the life of Hannah at the moment. The big news is that I am moving to about 3 weeks! It's totally mad and very stressful but we're moving there so Atty can do his Aviation course. We're very excited but also very you can imagine, there is so much to do but we've hopefully found a lovely little house to make our own...and the best bit is that we have a spare room which will be a craft room/guest bedroom! I am soooo excited about this to be able to have a little bit of space which is separate from my bedroom.

I have got to make a couple of cards before I leave so hopefully they'll be posted on here soon but thanks to those of you that keep stopping by - I do appreciate it.

Oh before I forget, if anyone knows of craft shops in or around Cambridge, feel free to drop me a line!!!



Congratulations on your pending move so that Atty can do his preferred course, fingers crossed that a job will come up for you too Hannah.

All the best



Good luck on your move to Cambridge, I can imagine how stressful a move can be xx


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