Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Blog Look...are we liking?

Hi guys! Just a little post today to see how many have you have noticed the new look? As most of you are ladies, I have no doubt that you have noticed that something is different! I am so pleased with the new layout and think it looks absolutely FAB. I must mention Heather from LeeLou Blogs who was a massive help in sorting this out. Thanks Heather! So...verdict on the new blog? Are we liking or not feeling it so much?

I must be honest that my blog is like my baby...I LOVE updating it and it's a sort of diary for me too which is great. Massive thanks to those of you that read regularly/comment/just pop by now and then - I really do appreciate it, genuinely. Better things are to come! I honestly can't wait until I leave work now - it's less than 5 weeks to go. I can be a lady of leisure for a few weeks and craft away the days.

Bought some coated cardstock last night from Ryman's so I'll give that a go tonight with my trusty promarkers. Atty is working late so it'll be card mania! I also stumbled across Wild Orchid Crafts. I am sure I am a bit slow on the uptake here but they seem to be responsible for many of the beautiful flowers I see on people's creations when I blog-hop. I bought a few bits from there including some hat pins which I can't wait to try out on some of my cards! Still undecided on distress ink...thoughts anyone?

Have a fab day!


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