Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Best cardstock?

Hello loyal bloggers in blog land! Hope you are well on what is another gorgeous day. Shame I am stuck indoors....Nevertheless, the crafty side of my brain is alway switched on and I would like to pose a question to my fellow craft enthusiasts regarding cardstock.

Now I am a loyal lover of Letraset Promarkers and have grown quite fond of them since my purchasing my first pen in 2009, however, I have recently been drawn to Copics and how well they seem to colour. This got me thinking (dangerous I know) about the cardstock I have been using. I have had to try a few different types since alot of them seemed to bleed as soon as I got near it with a promarker. So, the big question is....what type of cardstock do you use when using promarkers/copics?

I have heard some good things in blogland about coated card with Ryman selling it. A trip into town might be in order (yay, payday!) BUT £10 for 100 x 200gsm sheets seems like alot to me...or do I need to shut my inner bargain hunter up on this one? Any advice will be greatly appreciated on this one!

I am trying to distract myself since I am patiently waiting to hear whether I have been successful with a new job. It's a dream role and I was over the moon just to get an interview but I am literally crossing everything.....so I just need to wait. What's meant to be, will be! Right?! :o)

Everything happens for a reason...


Katie-Louise Oakley

Do you have a Papermill shop near you? You can fill a box for £4.99 either A4/A5 and the quality is great for pro markers - I am loving the linen effect card that I get from there at the mo.. Just a thought as thats where I get all mine from! :) Hope your well xx


Hi Han, sorry can't help much here, as I just buy what I find since there is just one craft shop here!!!
Good luck on your dream job, I'll be waiting to hear how you go :) xx