Monday, November 16, 2009

My goodness..

...I haven't blogged properly for so long! I feel very bad but to be honest, I just have not had the time which makes me sad! I am all packed for my holiday (check me out!) - I am so excited now as it's only a few days away. I am hoping to pick up some crafty bargains out there :) I have been so so busy over the past month and unfortunately, not much of my time has been spent being crafty.
Hope everyone is well - not much is new with me. Hoping to get my 'exit' date this week at work which will give me something to focus on. Just waiting for that dream job to pop up ;o)

I am trying to finish off a card for a friend at work (4 year old nephew - think diggers, trucks etc) and I am really any help or advice would be gratefully received! Thanks loyal followers :)

Until next time....
Much love,



Have a great holiday and keeping fingers crossed for that dream job Hannah. Hugs Cherry XXX