Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Yummy Brownies...

I know that this isn't really craft related but I was chuffed at how my brownies turned out last night so I thought I'd post a pic on here! It's creative of sorts, just not a card! I've already tried one (obviously!) and they taste goooooood! I've never put the chocolate cream on the top but they taste really good with it on top! I had to test it before it went on of course ;o)

Mr Hannah helped but actually managed to get more on his face in the process (boys eh?!) I did take one or two photos of that but I won't embarass him by posting them! Looking forward to making one or two cards tonight which should be nice. Have the evening to myself so plenty of time to relax and craft. Unfortauntely it's still raining in Sussex but that won't stop me tonight! Hope everyone has a great day...whatever you're doing!

Much love,



These look yummy!

You are the new owner of my stamp Hannah...if you email me your address I will get it posted of to you!



These look absolutely yummy....and definately class as creative.Happy munching.