Friday, September 25, 2009

Princess' 1st Birthday...

Another card order for work and one of my favourite themes - pink and girly! I only had to make sure it had '1st Birthday' and 'Holly' on it and the rest was up to me. I really LOVE this Princess Anya stamp so thought it would make a cute centre to the card. As you all know, I can resist a bit of glitter so I coloured her crown and wand silver to tie in with the sparkles!

Princess Anya complete with silver crown and pink and silver gems..

I orginally had the '1' in the same font but it didn't stand out enough so I used a thicker font...

The stars were punch outs from embellishing my paper bags the other day...


Plain Pink Cardstock
Silver Glitter card from Flower Factory
Letters cut using Cricut
Papermania Gems (both silver and pink)
TGF Princess Anya Stamp coloured with Hot Pink, Magenta, Rose Pink, Ivory, Blush, Vanilla, Cinnammon and Cocoa
Stars were punch outs

Woooo it's finally Friday! The weekend has arrived at last. I managed to make this last night amongst a few Christmas cards and a Goodbye card for my sister (more on that tomorrow!) Hope everyone has a great weekend - whatever you get up to!

Much love,