Monday, September 28, 2009

Craft Fair

Jeez....that was a mega busy weekend! I went to Ally Pally on Saturday and bought far too much. Alot of it just 'fell' into my hand and I got alot of disapproving looks from Mr Hannah (he was only joshing...I think!) Those bargain shoppers are a bit crazy....I thought it was bad last year but it got a bit chaotic so we left about 2.30 with a few bags! I reckon I got quite a few goodies...lots of cheap packs of brads which was great. I'm going to sit down and tidy up my craft stash tonight as what with organising for the craft fair last week, things were just being tidied away anywhere!
So here are a few pic's of my stall...

Embellished Tags, Calendars, Door Hangers & Photo Albums...

A little photo album of my cards (some of which I've sold, made specifically for people etc...) and also this month's issue of C&P with me in it - more on that tomorrow!

My selection of cards (all divided up!)...with a few of Mr Hannah's planes in the background...

The Craft Fair was ok, sold a few bits and pieces but there were quite alot of older people who weren't willing to part with more than 50p! People were very interested in Mr Hannah's stand as alot of husband's stopped to have a look whilst their wives were on the prowl for a bargain!There was such a range of stalls there from Fudge to Silk Flowers...but having chatted to quite a few of the other stall holders nobody seemed to be selling much, even though it was fairly busy at points. I did receive lots of nice compliments though and people did stop by and took some of my business cards. I'm glad I did it as it's all experience but probably wouldn't go again. I do pretty well at work with my cards so I'm not too disheartened (now on reflection - was a bit disappointed yesterday having worked so hard!)

Anyway, I'm quite relieved it's over as I can relax a bit more at home and not get so stressed about organising everything. I went to bed between 12 and 1 every night last week and I'm up at 6.45 so my body was starting to give up towards the end!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Much love,



Glad you enjoyed Ally Pally....bought too much stash myself as was certainly mega crowded....though by 4 there was finally room to look properly!!
Sorry you didn't do better at the craft fair...I'm always amazed at how people think you should be almost giving away beautiful handmade stuff.


Hi Hannah...Welcome to the World of Craft fairs... Very frustrating! and, as you say, the customers are usually older and don't want to pay the sort of money that we need to charge. I have a few cards priced at £1.50 but most of my cards are £2.50 or £3.
I have the monthly market and tend to stick to Christmas parties at home or do candle parties and chocolate parties and put them out then.
just sorting out the next Xmas 'Crafty Chicks' sale, so watch out for the A boards at the top of Hill lane!


OOHH...Hannah..I have a chocoholics party at my house on Friday 9th October at 7.30...
Consider yourself officially invited and bring your mum!!!!

Sharon Keanly

Loved your table at the market Hannah. Don't despair, it was an experience and maybe next time you'll do better. Hugs Sharon