Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bon Voyage...

Phew! Had a mahusive card making session last night and I managed to make about....*drum roll please*......about 15 cards! Jeez...I was pooped I can tell you! I have not yet taken pictures of them all as I was so tired when I finally went to bed just after midnight but here's two that I made right at the start of my session. I'm going for simple designs at the moment as I had a look through my box and I have quite a few detailed cards and I wanted to make sure I had some simple ones in the mix.


Backing paper was made by printing out a map from the internet (worked quite well!)
Embellishments are from K&Co
Words are from my stash but I think they are from an American company

I'm happy with my card selection ready to take to the card fair now (just a few more xmas ones to make...!) so I'm going to concentrate on the organising side of things now. I'm a BIG fan of lists...have them everywhere! So I've got a list of things to organise before the fair. I'm out to dinner with the family on Friday night so I'm aiming to be organised for Thursday. Fingers crossed eh!

Happy Wednesday!

Much love,