Wednesday, September 09, 2009

35 years and counting...

My friend at work asked me yesterday if it was possible for me to make her parents a 35th Wedding Anniversary card for Thursday and knowing that I would be busy tonight as it's finally Em's 21st I made it last night amongst getting ready for Em's birthday.

I actually started this card at about 10.15pm last night and as you can imagine I was shattered after having a very draining day at work (5 and a half hours in meetings!) but I came across this paper of 'love birds' and after a bit of a thing about colours I decided to go with the blue and cream. I know 35 years is coral or jade but I didn't really have anything that matched that theme. These colours I don't normally use but I think it's good to move away from your comfort zone now and then!

So here's what I came up with...

A close up of the cute little bears and the embellished heart behind...

I made the letters using my beloved cricut machine (my first time using it properly - yay!) and think they came out really well. I like the curly writing...


Paper is from Papermania
Embellishments is Forever Friends and I cut out a heart and looped the ribbon around it
Ribbon is from Hobbycraft (39p a metre)
Letters done using my cricut
Lace is from LLB collection
Sentiment printed out on the comp

I'm getting more commissions now which is good. I know how hard it is to find the right card in the shops as some of the handmade ones are so expensive! I nearly bought one for my sister the other which was ok but it was £4.95!

Scrapbook is now completed and wrapped up! Can't wait for Em to open it later tonight :o)

Much love,



Gosh...Well done on squeezing that one in!
Can't go wrong with Forever Friends Bears! They will love it...I'm sure.