Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sisterly Love...

I'm sure some of you will remember that recently I mentioned about my sister's 21st....well I have not done a scrapbook page for quite some time now but my mum has asked me to do a scrapbook for my sister's 21st in September so I thought that I had better get started seeing as I only have about 3 weekend's left to do it (as well as evenings don't panic!) It's been really fun to look back at old pics, when I was young and my mum says!! It's always nice to reminisce...So here is my first go at doing a 'sister' themed layout...I have 20 pages to play with at the moment but I know I can put more in...not sure what 'theme's to have (apart from the obvious) but I think I'll just go with what's in the pics my mum wants to have in.

Love the colours together, think they compliment each other well. Did try to colour the pink buttons in the 'sister' sentiment but it didn't work out so well - I guess smooch ink only likes paper! I created a baby page last night so will post that tomorrow. I think I did pretty well actually considering I received potentially rubbish news at work yesterday afternoon...perhaps I can open my own craft shop now........oh the dream.




Hi Hannah...I love all the lovely pages you have done so far on your sisters scrapbook. She will cry when she sees it I'm sure.
Sorry to hear about the work situation..Hope it works out Ok for you, whatever happens.


A really stunning page....your sister is going to love it.