Thursday, July 09, 2009

Great British Challenge Winner

Well that came as a bit of a surprise! I was one of five winners who were picked for the Great British Challenge over on Craftbubble and I am very chuffed! I found this topic to be unusally hard but it was good to think outside the box :) Definitely cheered me up today. Am still feeling a little blue but this was the pick me up I needed. Hope everyone is having a good day. Thank goodness it's nearly Friday!!



Congratulations Han, that was a great card. I think you're a picked person on the Animal Cards too check out the group on Craftbubble , I'm sure I saw your name. XXX


Hi girl are cleaning up on the competition front at the moment!!
Congrats on this card it is sooo coool!!!
I was a runner up also on the Animal challenge...yey US!!!!