Thursday, July 02, 2009

Goodwood Festivities - 26.06.09

As promised, here are some photo's I took last Friday from the Festivities at Goodwood. It was such a lovely, warm evening - my hoody didn't go on until nearly 10pm! There was a Beatles, Abba and Queen tribute bands and then a brilliant firework show to top it all off!

Above: The sun still shining - The 'Beatles' entertain the crowd

Above & Below: Abba take the stage and rcok the crowd with classic hits. Those on Trundle Hill in the background are enjoying it for free (as was I!)

Below: Beautiful sunset, if a little foggy

Below: Queen tribute band with a Freddie Mercury who didn't sound very like him- but v.good all the same!

Below: Me and Mr Hannah (otherwise known as Andrew!) - I think he has had a few beers here hehe!

Hope you like the pics! I'm off to Goodwood Festival of Speed tomorrow afternoon, Saturday AND Sunday - am very excited! It's our 4th year in a row going and it seems to get better every year. Nearly Friday...hope everyone has had a good week.




Hi Hannah...looks like you had a fab time!
I used to go to Silverstone with my Dad who was a Pit marshall in the late 80's..saw a few famous drivers of the time...Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost but we have never been to The festival of Speed...It's very of 4 would set you back about £200. Don't think my girls would be that impressed with it! Have a great time this weekend!
sandra Bulloch is going!!