Sunday, June 28, 2009

One of those days....Great British Challenge

Well I've had one of those days where not much seems to have gone right with my card making! I guess we all have those days when we get a creative block! Lots seems to be going wrong in general at the moment so it is hard to stay positive...crafting seems to be my therapy so when that goes wrong I get very frustrated! Had a little cry with Mr Hannah earlier and feel a bit better...I've given up my card making for today so I think we'll just settle down to watch a film in a bit.

Anyway, after three attempts (and throwing 2 cards in the bin - there must be something wrong with me as I hate to throw stuff away!!) I came up with this Andy Warhol inspired card for the Great British Challenge over on Craftbubble. I've struggled with some of the challenges recently but I guess it is because I'm out of my comfort zone; which is good now and then but I do struggle! I've thought about this challenge for a while and just couldn't come up with anything unusual and then I thought of the Beatles and found this Andy Warhol image online and thought it was brill! I used a retro flower backing paper to go with a sixties feel and used some funky flowers to tie in with that theme. What do you think?

Papermania Retro Floral Pack (8 x 8)
Various parts of the backing paper coloured in using Glaze Pens (bought in the states for $7 which was the equivalent of about £4 at time of purchase hehe!)
Image from the net and coloured in using Glitz It glitter glue & marker using plain black gel pen
Flowers from GSC International

I wasn't that impressed with it to be honest but I'm sure you can gather that I was in one of those moods and I guess you can't be 100% with all your cards...or is that me!? :)

Hope everyone has had a good weekend and hasn't been as hormonal as me! Lol...I'll put it down to the heat ;o)




Hi Hannah...LOVE this card...My eldest is doing about the 70's in school so we are spending time chatting about the music and fashions and looking at these sorts of images! just doing about the break up of the Beatles!