Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Driving Test Card

A friend at work asked me to make her sister a Congratulations card for her sister for passing her driving test. She had no specifics but I knew her sister had recently bought a little dog so when I saw the embellishment and the pink car in Hobbycraft I knew they would be perfect for the card! The buttons and ribbons are from my stash and I made the text using a funky flower font - think it all works well...I am biaised though as I LOVE working with pink and black!

Hope everyone is well. Hoping to make another card this evening if I get time...I have had the most tiring day at work. One of the papers in one of the journals I am a Production Editor for, has received much press coverage see here for just one example of the news article so it's been quite a demanding day having to publish it...but well worth it!