Monday, May 25, 2009

Peppa Pig!

I was asked by a colleague at work to make a card with Peppa Pig on it for her niece's 3rd birthday. She didn't mind what else was on it but her name would be nice if I could fit it on. So this was the end result! I nabbed my boyfriend's mum's cricut machine for the next few days so I could make a few personalised cards as I don't have very many die cuts especially alphabet letters.

The background was just red plain card but cut slightly smaller so I had a white border. I cut the letters out using the cricut machine as well as the number 3. I then printed the image of Peppa Pig on plain white paper (as my printer can't print on card at the moment!) Then I coloured the image in with promarkers and cut it out. I stuck the image on with foam pads to give it a 3-D effect and then I stuck a few ladybirds on the ribbons. I stuck the numbers and letters on and used glitz pink glitter glue to make them all sparkly and volia! One Peppa Pig card! Fairly simple but I think it works well.

I always try to make the colours of the embellishments tie in with the colours within the rest of the card - here it is red, pink, black and white. I am such a colour co-ordinating obessive! I'm always a bit worried people won't like the end result when they order cards but I am quite pleased with this one! Hope you like it...and hope my friend at work does too...oh and her niece :o)



Hiya I think it looks fab!! I showed my wee girl and she loves it!!


Thanks Jane! I had no idea what Peppa Pig was until I googled it! Think it turned out ok though :o)