Monday, May 25, 2009

Caterpillar Cutie

It's been a busy bank holiday for me as I've managed to make quite a few different cards today. The rest of the family are on holiday at the moment so I get to leave my craft stuff out on the table and not get nagged to tidy it up so we can eat! It's bliss I can tell you! I've really been enjoying playing with the cricut machine my boyfriend's mum has lent me for the next few days and I've managed to make a few groovy cards with the die cuts including this cute little caterpillar.

After the bad news I received on Saturday, I have ploughed my energies into card making to keep myself relaxed and to take my mind off things and I've made some of my best cards which has kept me a (relatively!) happy bunny.

Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow but at least it's a 4 day week :o) I'm off to watch the rest of Britain's Got Talent semi-finals so this is the last post of the day.

Enjoy your evening,



Cute caterpillar cards. Love your work and blog. I'm fairly new to this too so it's good to see what others are doing. XXX

Eryka's Place

I luv the layout of your blog!!!
No matter what i try i cannot get any images up-can you give me some hints?


Thanks Cherry and Eryka, glad you like it! :) As for the images, it you are posting them in the blog - just add them in via the image icon. If you want it on the sidebar, add gadget then image - I think! Han x