Sunday, May 31, 2009

Christening Cards

I was asked by a colleague at work to make a Christening card for a boy and these were my attempts! I made two as I haven't really got any Christening cards in my stash at work so the one she doesn't one can be added to my collection!

I haven't had alot of time this weekend to make cards so these are the only two I've managed to make *sniff*. Hope you like them! I kept them fairly plan and made the little baby-gro myself which I was quite pleased with! Enjoyed using all the different blue buttons I could find by rooting around in the button box!

Am hoping to do some more tomorrow as the cricut machine goes back to it's owner tomorrow so need to do some more die cuts asap. Also received my fab stamped images from Katie yesterday so hoping to give them a go at some point this week using my promarkers! I think most of the challenges on craftbubble close today so a whole new set of challenges no doubt will be announced this week. Hurrah!

Really suffering with hayfever this weekend so itchy eyes don't make card making very easy! Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend enjoying ths sunshine - I have got a watch mark from being out in the sun all day yesterday! Woohoo!


Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Friday Everyone!

I'm sure I speak on behalf of many here but flippin 'eck am I glad it's Friday! After the disastrousness that was weekend I will be glad to put this week behind me! I've nearly finished work which means it's nearly home time and I can go and make some cards :o) I've also just bought a few bits and pieces off - they currently have free delivery and have some real bargains. I recently bought one of their bumper boxes (£25 for £150 worth of DCWV products and it was WELL worth it!

Hope you all are enjoying the sunshine,

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blog Candy

Hi Everyone!

As promised, I have rounded up some goodies from my craft stash and am offering everyone a chance to win it. You will win everything in the photo which includes, mini punches, papermania papers and stickers, two wooden stamps, fabric paints, a verses and sentiments book for cards and a whole lot more! To be in with a chance all I ask is this:

1) Please leave a comment letting me know what three things you just couldn't live without in your craft stash
2) Please become a follower (if you aren't already) and add a link to your sidebar letting other people know!
3) Please enter only once

I will post worldwide! Closing date is Friday June 5th at Midnight and I will pick a winner using and announce the winner over the weekend.

Thanks for your support and Good Luck!


Blog Candy - keep your eyes peeled!

Hello all,

As a belated sort of celebration for starting my own blog as well as managing to sell quite a few cards at work now, I thought I would offer some blog candy so I will have a look in my craft stash tonight when I get home to see what I can find to offer my lovely followers. Will keep you posted tonight!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Caterpillar Cutie

It's been a busy bank holiday for me as I've managed to make quite a few different cards today. The rest of the family are on holiday at the moment so I get to leave my craft stuff out on the table and not get nagged to tidy it up so we can eat! It's bliss I can tell you! I've really been enjoying playing with the cricut machine my boyfriend's mum has lent me for the next few days and I've managed to make a few groovy cards with the die cuts including this cute little caterpillar.

After the bad news I received on Saturday, I have ploughed my energies into card making to keep myself relaxed and to take my mind off things and I've made some of my best cards which has kept me a (relatively!) happy bunny.

Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow but at least it's a 4 day week :o) I'm off to watch the rest of Britain's Got Talent semi-finals so this is the last post of the day.

Enjoy your evening,

Turtle Card!

How cute is he? :o) I've made it my mission to make some cards that I have never made before and try to steer clear of my girly birthday cards for a while and make cards for kids and other occasions. I thought it would be difficult but I'm really enjoying branching out! 

For this card, I used dress it up bathtime bubbles as well as the seaweed and shell from a Jolee's pack. The die-cuts were made using a cricut machine and then lined using glitz it glitter glue. Turtles are my favourite animals so I really enjoyed doing this one and it didn't take too long either.

Again, it's quite simple but I think it is quite effective. What do you reckon?

Han x

Peppa Pig!

I was asked by a colleague at work to make a card with Peppa Pig on it for her niece's 3rd birthday. She didn't mind what else was on it but her name would be nice if I could fit it on. So this was the end result! I nabbed my boyfriend's mum's cricut machine for the next few days so I could make a few personalised cards as I don't have very many die cuts especially alphabet letters.

The background was just red plain card but cut slightly smaller so I had a white border. I cut the letters out using the cricut machine as well as the number 3. I then printed the image of Peppa Pig on plain white paper (as my printer can't print on card at the moment!) Then I coloured the image in with promarkers and cut it out. I stuck the image on with foam pads to give it a 3-D effect and then I stuck a few ladybirds on the ribbons. I stuck the numbers and letters on and used glitz pink glitter glue to make them all sparkly and volia! One Peppa Pig card! Fairly simple but I think it works well.

I always try to make the colours of the embellishments tie in with the colours within the rest of the card - here it is red, pink, black and white. I am such a colour co-ordinating obessive! I'm always a bit worried people won't like the end result when they order cards but I am quite pleased with this one! Hope you like it...and hope my friend at work does too...oh and her niece :o)

Sketchie Challenge 23rd May 09

For a few week's I had noticed on people's blogs and in their gallerie's something called sketchie challenge adnd kept wondering what it was until I noticed the Stamping Mad group over on Crraftbubble. I decided to have a go this week using Karen's fab 'sketchie' and this is the end result. I love working with pink as I'm sure you can tell but decided to use black to highight the different pinks I used! 
The background is actually black felt, the pink glittery ribbon was from a birthday cake, the black and white (with pink glitz glue on it!) buttons were from my mum's button box and the pink stars were from my local sewing shop. The pink flowers were from a floradoodles set I bought from Joanna Sheen last week. I stamped the flower image and coloured it in with promarkers and laid it on top of black handmade papers.
I think it's really important (for me!) to get quite a few different textures into my cards as I likethe way you can use the different fabrics, buttons etc but in the same colour (if that makes sense!) Have to keep up the sketchie challenge, was nice to get involved in another challenge! 

Han x

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pastel Baby Cards

Here are some baby cards I made this afternoon (amongst other things!). I tried to keep them really simple and keeping to the pastel colours of the various embellishments. I had a go at using different layouts too like not making them symmetrical or balanced and I think they worked quite well. Loved the colours!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bookmark Challenge: introducing Prince Charming

Here is my attempt (it is actually my second but I preferred this entry and wasn't sure if I could enter twice!) for Anna's Bookmark Challenge over on Craftbubble. I am so proud of my little frog, complete with glitter crown as I got to colour him in with my one of my new promarkers (now I can see why you all rave about them!) It took me about 45mins which includes stamping, colouring and cutting out mr froggy but I really enjoyed making it. I'm happy with the end result!

I'm making myself enter challenges where I wouldn't normally make things like bookmarks or tags as I think it makes me more creative in different ways, plus I am eager to try new things and am willing to give anything a go! 

Anyway, entries must be in by 31st May so you still have time to enter :o)

First go at using eyelets!

Well I do say I like to try new things so I thought I would give eyelets a go. The verdict? I love them! I had a go at a Flower Power card using DCWV Posies stack as a background, pink flowers with handmade paper and brad centres and silver eyelets with glittery pink ribbon. The eyelets were part of the We are Memory Keeper's pink pack I got in the post today (HAD to be pink!) My mum thinks I went a bit overboard with the eyelets but I think they look fab :0)

First Hello Kitty Card

This is my first go at using my HK die cuts and i thought it wasn't too bad for a first attempt! Not sure if I'm going to give this one to my friend yet so I might try a few more at the weekend. 

Hope you like it :o)

Han x

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello Kitty Embossed Die Cuts!

Check these bad boys out! Bought these off ebay this week as I'm not lucky enough to own my own die cut machine but how cool are they?! It's my friend's birthday next week and like me she loves Hello Kitty so hopefully she's going to love the card I'm going to make her with these - will post the pics on at the weekend. I think I am going to use these on Susie's die cut challenge too over on Craftbubble. Very happy Han :0)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Love for the Pro Markers

Oh dear...I blame my fellow craftbubbler's for my new passion and I haven't even got me first pack yet! I've seen so many I managed to get some sets through Joanna Sheen & Letraset as my other packs aren't coming now :( Hopefully they will come through the post soon! I also have some stamped images on the way so I am rather excited about trying them out. I've seen some amazing examples over on craftbubble so hopefully with more experience, mine will look just as good. Hope everyone is well. 

Han x

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Sale!

Well I managed to sell two cards at work yesterday...not bad as they only went 'public' last Friday so I am hoping some more business will come my way. I got a bit overexcited and spent my earnings on a pink ink pad and some other bits...silly me! The two I sold were the father's day cards (above) so I'm going to try and make some more like that this weekend. I had a look in my card box and think I need to make some more masculine themed cards as I do love the pink!

I'm quite the happy bunny today as I've got some promarkers on the way so I am hoping to get to grips with stamped images a bit more! Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Well here is my attempt for the Animal Challenge on Craftbubble - hope you like it. I must admit I was a bit stuck for ideas as I don't often add animals to my cards but I did have fun with this one and loved using embellishments of the four differents colours (gold, yellow, orange & black) as well as adding some glittery ribbons. I love to colour co-ordinate so I try to match my cards as best I can! If you haven't already entered the Animal Card challenge on craftbubble, the closing date is 31st May so you've still got time! Good luck!

Well this is my first post on my new blog having played around with layouts for about an hour now! I've seen so many other people's blogs that I was starting to get a bit jealous and started my own! So, here is mine! I hope to start following other blogs now and hope I manage to pick up a few follower's along the way too.

I'd love to hear from you so please contact me on here or on Craftbubble as I tend to be on both now most days. I hope to post as often as I can whether it be about crafting or my life in general (will try not to bore you!). 

As it says in my 'about me' section, I've recently got back into making cards after a bit of a break and now I can't stop. I would love to share hints, tips and techniques with other card fanatics as well as sharing pictures!

Hope to speak soon, lots of love, Hannah xXx

Ps. I am craftyhan on Craftbubble (in case you hadn't guessed!)